You may not be crazy, it could just be your hormones…

Are you suffering from any of the following:

1) Have your friends nicknamed you “Cray-Cray”?

2) Does your husband run for cover when you give the look?

3) Do your kids call you Mom-zilla?

4) If you died and went to Hell, would it take you a week to realize it?

Don’t worry! We won’t put you in a padded room. The answer is simple: check those hormones! Ever wonder why you crave chocolate when you’re PMS-ing or want to break a plate against the wall after you eat aforementioned chocolate? It’s all the hormones. And you don’t have to chalk it up to “getting older”.

“But Heather!” You say. “I just saw my doctor, and they give me some manufactured pill made from horse urine. DISGUSTING! And what about all this cancer talk?”

Well, now you’re overwhelmed and hormonal!

STOP! BREATHE! CALM DOWN! Compounding pharmacies are there to help.

Here’s an article I wrote on the hormone debate: Clearing Up the Hormone Debate

And don’t forget those vitamins: Vitamin E


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